Maenam – November Visit

1 Dec




1938 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1M5

T: 604 730 5579

Brief Description: A fairly recent Thai addition to the Vancouver restaurant scene. Maenam is friendly on the wallet, without sacrificing quality or ambience.

Ever since arriving in Vancouver my sister has been on the hunt for a good Pad Thai. It is her favourite Thai dish and one that we get spoilt with in Australia. After reading many positive reviews about Maenam’s Pad Thai, I suggested that she try it in an effort to find “The One”. With Quince only a short walk away, we decided to make Saturday a culinary day and lunched at Maenam prior to our Hot Chocolate and Madeleines class.

Service at Maenam was prompt and professional yet approachable and relaxed. The prices remain refreshingly affordable with my bill coming it at $20, including tax and tip. We started by sharing a plate of the chicken satays, which were a mere $8. The accompanying peanut sauce was perfectly balanced; not too oily and not too dry. There was a mild spice to it which worked well with the grilled chicken. The inside of the chicken remained juicy but the outside tasted delightfully flame-licked. Oh, and make sure you try the sweet cucumber relish as it was also wonderful.

Moving on to the mains and I ordered the Halibut Green Curry, which is exceptional. There is quite a bit of heat in this dish so you have been warned. Although my tolerance to heat is nothing to be proud of, I do enjoy a bit of a kick. That said though, my mouth was on fire the first time I tried this dish! The second time around was more bearable. For someone who doesn’t enjoy fish all that much, the halibut is a great option as it is not too “fishy”. Although it wouldn’t even matter if it did taste “fishy” as the green curry makes sure that it is first and foremost in the taste stakes. There are some very interesting ingredients hidden within the curry. Of particular note are the big pieces of tender bamboo and some pea eggplants (I’d not come across these before).

My sister sat across from me contemplating every bite of her Pad Thai before delivering her verdict: “It’s the best Pad Thai that I’ve had in Vancouver”.  B had made similar accusations only the week before. Now, I don’t share the same infatuation with Pad Thai as my sister but I am still able to appreciate that Maenam’s offering is one of the city’s better contributions.

Maenam has recently made some amendments to their opening hours and so, as of December 8th, they will be open 7 days a week. Hallelujah! I have often found myself with serious Maenam cravings on a Sunday or Monday afternoon, only to be disappointed when I remember that they aren’t open.

Final Thoughts: If you haven’t been to Maenam yet, you are seriously missing out. The quality of the food for the price makes this one of Vancouver’s best value restaurants.

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