Perfect Roast Chicken – Jamie Oliver

28 Nov

Jamie Oliver. Some people love him. Some people loathe him. I think he is awesome! I have so much respect for this guy. Not only does he cook delicious food but he is also heavily involved in promoting cooking and nutritional health to the regular person. If you have ever watched his TV program “Jamie’s School Dinners” you will have some idea of what I’m talking about. He is also a big advocate for humane treatment of animals and if that is not enough, he also has a restaurant called Fifteen where he employs underprivileged kids and provides them with training to become a chef. Like I said, I think he is awesome.

Whilst shopping on the weekend I began flicking through his new book, “Jamie’s Ministry of Food”. This is a cook book filled with simple, tasty recipes and it is aimed at people who have no real experience with cooking. He firmly believes in giving people basic cooking skills that they need to be able to help themselves (skills that he believes are on the decline in the UK). I really liked the look of the recipes in this book; no-frills but still mouth-watering (it is totally on my Christmas Wish List!). Inspired by the book and with B out snowboarding all day, I wanted to make him something that he would really enjoy coming home to. The plan: Organic Roasted Chicken and Apple Crumble.

Jamie’s recipe for Perfect Roast Chicken couldn’t have been any easier. It was very hands-off – all I really had to do was a teeny bit of prep work at the beginning and then it was all about the roasting. For the chicken, I sourced an organic, free-range chicken, lathered it up with olive oil and salt and pepper and then stuffed that baby with a whole lemon and fresh, aromatic herbs. Pop it on a bed of veggies and ta-da – that is it.

The more hands-on part came once the chicken was cooked and when I started the homemade gravy. Although I was a little overwhelmed at first, making the gravy was actually very simple and the pay-off was HUGE. Homemade gravy vs. packet gravy = no comparison. The flavour was exceptional. I have since set myself a goal of now making home made gravy whenever possible.

I added some pumpkin and potatoes to the roasting tray about halfway through cooking and this what we served alongside the chicken. I cannot think of another dish that would be as satisfying on a cold Sunday night. As a plus, B got to take roast chicken in for lunch for the next few days. I won’t bother writing out the entire recipe as you can find it here, on Jamie’s website.

Enjoy!! It will certainly win you brownie-points – thank you, Mr Oliver! 🙂


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