Quince – Preview of French Bistro Cooking Class

24 Nov

1780 West 3rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC,
V6J 1K4

T: 604 731 4645

Brief Description: Quince is a one-stop food shop. You can purchase pre-packaged frozen food, imported grocery items or freshly baked bread from their store front, enjoy a wholesome and delicious lunch or breakfast in the small deli, or partake in a cooking class.

My Quince love affair continues…Part 3 🙂

Quince was celebrating its 4th anniversary on Saturday and to celebrate they were holding a day of events for their customers. These events included previews of their cooking classes and a Black Box competition (think Iron Chef). I desperately wanted to do the Black Box competition but we already had plans for the evening and so, instead, I signed B and I up for the free preview of the French Bistro cooking class and I was delighted when he was eager to go. After so many visits to Quince, I was finally admitted access to where the magic happens – the kitchen! Admittedly, I was a little excited about getting into a proper chef’s kitchen – it certainly has been awhile. My first impressions were of awe. Everything was so organized and tidy. That gives me reassurance that my affair will not be fleeting!

We joined a small group of other interested foodies and gathered around a cook station and watched whilst Chef (and Quince Owner) Andrea gave us a quick ½ hour demonstration on how to cook duck confit with lentils and a side of salad with raspberry vinaigrette. Whilst we absorbed everything that she was teaching us we were given freshly made potato chips that were drizzled with white truffle oil (they were out-of-this-world!) and delicious fresh baguette slices to snack on. It was hard to concentrate with all of the action that my taste buds were getting!

Throughout the demonstration Andrea explained everything that she was doing and also threw in a few helpful tips along the way. Two tips that I took away with me was inserting a knife into a piece of cooking meat to determine how cooked it was. Let the knife sit in the meat for 2 to 3 seconds and then test the temperature of the blade on your wrist (if it’s hot, your meat is cooked). The other was using stock to cook lentils. This might be obvious to some people but it totally went over my head and so for the longest time I’ve been eating awfully bland lentils and have been left puzzled over how restaurants got theirs so full of flavour. Duh!

Once the cooking part of the demonstration was complete, the eating part of the demonstration commenced. We were all treated to a small plate of duck confit and lentils with a glass of full-bodied red that was chosen perfectly to compliment the dish. If you have read my blog before you’d know that I’ve never really had much of an appreciation for duck…that is until I had this duck confit! It was incredible! Hats off to Chef Andrea for a wonderful introduction to French Bistro cooking.

My new goal for 2010 is to sign up for some cooking classes. I’ve been wanting to do it for some time now but this has really given me the kick in the pants to save the money to do them. I had so much fun!!

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