Quince at home

6 Nov

1780 West 3rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC,
V6J 1K4

T: 604 731 4645

Brief Description: Quince is a one-stop food shop. You can purchase pre-packaged frozen food, imported grocery items or freshly baked bread from their store front, enjoy a wholesome and delicious lunch or breakfast in the small deli, or partake in a cooking class.

I am still in the honey-moon phase of my relationship with Quince. They just can’t seem to do anything wrong in my books (besides one of the servers who is a tad surly). In my last review of Quince I was able to praise their take-out food and coffee but because I hadn’t actually tried any of their frozen food, I was relegated to merely reviewing the “eye appeal” of it. (For the record, it all looks good). This week I was given a Quince gift card from a friend (thank you – you know who you are!) which I used to purchase a 3-course dinner from their frozen food section. I now feel that I qualify to give my opinion.

My goodies

I had already trailed the freezer section numerous times so I knew immediately what I was going to use the voucher on. First thing in my shopping basket was the Dungeness Crab Ravioli as I have been wanting to try them for awhile. I picked up the sage brown butter walnut sauce to pair with it and, for the main course, a vegetarian bean chili. To finish the meal, I just had to try the chocolate mousse.

Dungeness Crab Ravioli

All of the frozen foods are conveniently packaged and labeled and you receive printed cooking instructions to make cooking easier. The instructions are also available on their website, just in case you lose the print-out. Everything that I purchased was soooo easy to prepare. For the ravioli, I just had to cook the ravioli in boiling water, whilst I heated up the sage brown butter walnut sauce on the stove top. Ta-da! There was no prep work involved and we were rewarded with delightful little parcels of Dungeness crab. The butter had a lot of flavour, in fact, I would say that it might have actually been a little too strong to have been paired with the crab. I think that next time I will just cook up some asparagus in butter to go with it and let the crab “talk” a little more.

Vegetarian Bean Chili

The vegetarian bean chili took a while to heat up on the stove top but was well worth it. It was chock-full of beans so I immediately felt healthier just for having eaten it :). The thick chili had a subtle smoky flavour. This would be a perfect mid-week winter dinner for those with limited time. It’s fast, nutritious and filling.

And finally, dessert, which was a chocolate mousse that comes in a convenient, pipe-yourself bag. I piped ours into martini glasses and I must admit that the presentation was a little off-putting (I’ll let you use your imagination) but the mousse itself was delightfully thick and creamy. It contained just the right amount of chocolate – not too much, not too little. At only $7 for two decent servings I would definitely pick this up again for a little after-dinner treat. I was afraid that that would be the case…

Having now experienced just how convenient and wholesome the frozen foods at Quince can be, I am an even bigger fan than I was before. The prices are a little more than most people would expect to pay for a frozen dinner but keep in mind that you aren’t just getting a typical frozen dinner. It’s a bit like Vij’s take-home packs; a bit more expensive but worth the extra money.

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