Brain Cupcakes

2 Nov

Zombies just love ‘em – big, juicy, delicious brains! B and I wanted to bake something as equally tempting and mouth-watering for our mortal friends and so we made Brain Cupcakes.

The final product

I had big plans on making these cupcakes with a red velvet recipe so that the insides would resemble deep red blood. In the end, however, I just wanted the easiest option so I stuck with a recipe that I am already familiar with. I have used this recipe numerous times and so the only adjustment that I made was to add food colouring to the mixture to make the cupcakes pink. We also made the cream cheese frosting a deep pink to better resemble brains. The piping was really quite easy and it really didn’t take us very long to finish them all. These turned out way better than I thought they would and it was no surprise that these were very popular with the mortals.


Piping the "brains"

The recipe is based on the Birthday Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting that I made earlier this year.


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