Burgoo – Update – October 25th

26 Oct

3096 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
V5T 3G5

T: 604 873 1441

Brief Description: A favourite amongst locals, Burgoo specializes in large servings of home-cooked, comfort food. You’ll feel warm and cozy in one of their 3 casual locations. Offers great value for money.

Sunday was a disgusting excuse of a day, weather-wise. With a combination of stay-in-bed weather and being out late the night before, I had some serious comfort food cravings. This called for a visit to Burgoo on Main Street!

We have been frequenting Burgoo for about a year now but haven’t been much throughout the summer due to the warmer weather. With the return of the rain and cold, we have again been visiting Burgoo for generous servings of warming fare. And we aren’t the only ones. We arrived at about 2.30pm on Sunday for a late lunch and the cozy restaurant was packed full of people who obviously had the same idea as us. We were fortunate enough to get a seat at the bar but those waiting for a table weren’t so lucky and had to wait for awhile. We settled straight into $5 spicy caesars and perused the menu. Everything was so tempting and as they had their lunch menu and a brunch menu to choose from, it was a difficult task to make our selection. The brunch menu was short and sweet and notable items were the various Egg Bakes and the Pain Doré (thick cut slices of French toast layered with sautéed banana, smothered with blueberry maple syrup and chopped hazelnuts). B was looking no further than the Cheese Grillers from the regular menu (our favourite dish). I wanted to assess other items on the menu and so I went with the A Sandwich Breakfast, a BLT with an omelette and cheddar.


It was the perfect combination of carbs and grease and the strong cheddar provided a nice punch of flavour. It was exactly what I wanted…almost. I somehow managed to persuade B into trading half of his Cheese Grillers for half of my Sandwich Breakfast and we both got the best of both worlds! The Cheese Griller was, as usual, absolutely wonderful. It is such a simple dish but provides us with so much happiness! B’s Borscht was particularly beety and hit the spot on a cool, wet day.


All in all, Burgoo is still successfully doing its thing on Main – comfort food at good prices. We had 2 drinks and a sandwich each for $25 per person. Some of the servers seemed a little out of it but the guy working the bar was fluid and extremely professional. Burgoo still remains a Main Street reliable.

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