Oven-Roasted Pulled Pork

16 Sep

As promised, here is the first of the recipe’s that B and I cooked for our Social Bites dinner. Although the pork takes a long time to cook – roughly 4 hours – it is a very simple dish to make. Basically, you just massage the pork with a good quality rub, pop it in the fridge to marinade overnight (or longer if you can) and then it is just a matter of letting it do its thing in the oven for a couple of hours. It is that simple.

I found this recipe on-line but I believe that the website had sourced it from the “Memphis Blues Barbeque House: The Cookbook”.

Oven-Roasted Pulled Pork – Makes 6 Servings

4lb (2kg) boneless pork shoulder (aka pork butt)
A good quality pork rub (see below for recipe if you’d prefer to make from scratch)

For the best results, massage a generous amount of the rub into the pork and allow to marinade overnight, or even longer if you can afford the time. I left ours to marinade for just over 24 hours.

Preheat the oven to 225F (105C). Place the pork in a roasting pan, fat cap up and cook in the preheated oven for 3 hours. My oven doesn’t cook things evenly so I made sure to change the direction of the pan every hour so that the meat would cook evenly.

After 3 hours, remove the pork from the pan and wrap it in aluminum foil before cooking for another hour. You will know if it’s done by pushing down on the pork – it should feel tender and ready to fall apart. If it’s still too firm, cook for another 30 minutes. Remove the pork from the oven and carefully unwrap it from the foil. Use two forks to separate the pork whilst it rests in the roasting pan. There will be yummy natural juices and drippings that you can incorporate back into the pulled pork. These will keep it moist and add extra flavour.


Little by little, add your favourite BBQ sauce to the mound of luscious pork. Some people enjoy a lot of BBQ sauce, others prefer only a little – add your desired amount and mix it through. Slice the softest, freshest bread rolls that you can find and fill the rolls with as much tender pork as you can!

Dry Rub Recipe

1 cup dried parsley
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons garlic powder
3 tablespoons onion powder
3 tablespoons dried oregano
1 cup Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
3 tablespoons ground black pepper
3 tablespoons sweet paprika
1 tablespoon mild mustard powder
1 tablespoon celery salt
Dash cayenne powder

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl with a whisk. Make sure there are no clumps. You can store any leftover rub in an airtight container in the cupboard for up to 6 months.

Recipe can be found here


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