Irish Heather – Long Table Series – Round 3 (Event)

16 Sep

210 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2J2

T: 604 688 9779

Brief Description: A fantastic evening at the Irish Heather that combines beer, a big plate of comfort food and meeting new friends, all whilst managing to keep the financial belt well and truly reigned in.

Last night marked our third visit to the Irish Heather for the Long Table Series. The  series has really taken the Vancouver dining scene by storm with most of the dinners booked out until the end of October – wow! Good for the Irish Heather. Constantly being able to secure yourself 40 hungry (and most likely thirsty) patrons, 4 times a week, in a supposed economic downturn is nothing to sneeze at. Value for money is what people are looking for. And they certainly get that at the Long Table Series.

Beef Stroganoff with pasta

Last night, we dined on the Beef Stroganoff with Sour Cream and House Made Pasta (spätzle, I believe). It was actually my least favourite of the three dinners that we’ve had but, in fairness, it was up against some pretty tough competitors – the veal schnitzel (currently my fav) and the suckling pig. The serving size was so generous that I had to call for reinforcements to help me clean my plate. The spätzle was a nice, slightly different addition that went very well with the sauce, particularly once the sour cream had mixed through.

Again, I really enjoyed the accompanying Steam Whistle Pilsner but, on a side note, I’ve been absolutely blown away by another beer that they stock: the Mill Street Organic Lager. It’s a very light and refreshing beer (think along the lines of a Corona or a Sol). Apparently they got it in to fill the place of these very commonly sold summer beers. It really is one of the best new beers that I’ve tried in a while and, again, I am happy to report that it is Canadian. Hooray!

Final Thoughts: I don’t think I need to repeat myself…GO!

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