Go Fish

29 Jul

1505 1st Avenue West
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1E8

T: 604 730 5040
No website

Brief Description: A small, but extremely popular, fish shack located next to Fisherman’s Wharf, near Granville Island. The fresh and delectable seafood is worth the wait in the long line-up.

Hours for Go Fish

Summer is the perfect time for fish and chips in the sun and, in my opinion, no-where else in Vancouver makes fish and chips better than Go Fish. The cat is well and truly out of the bag on this place and he is probably slinking around the feet of the Go Fish fanatics, begging for some scraps.

Go Fish is so popular because it pairs million dollar views with affordable, innovative seafood options such as salmon tacones, Qualicum Bay scallop sandwiches and albacore tuna sandwiches with ponzu sauce and wasabi mayo. And, on top of all this, they also do perfectly cooked fresh fish and chips. And this isn’t your run-of-the-mill oily, flavourless fish and chips. This is your choice of one of three varieties of good quality, fresh fish surrounded by a fried golden batter and accompanied by some pretty tasty chips. There are also daily specials which are dependent on what the local fishermen haul in.

Limited seating is available on, and around, the small sun-soaked patio but if you don’t manage to nab yourself a prime seat, the alternative is to take your basket of ocean spoils and grab a spot somewhere along the seawall to enjoy it. Otherwise, get it to-go and take it wherever you like! Service can be surly and with the constant throb of people it can be more enjoyable to eat it elsewhere.

Go Fish

The serving sizes are pretty generous. The one piece fish and chips is enough for a meal and, for the over-ambitious, you could try the two piece and chips (or this is perfect for sharing). Prices are extremely reasonable – I believe that most items are under $15. The sandwiches are under $10, so they are extremely well-priced for a weekday lunch.

Yum! Tuna Sandwich

I have been wanting to review Go Fish for quite some time but I am glad that I waited until now to do so as I have recently discovered a new favourite dish. Previously, I would always order the fish and chips…delicious. But now, I have been devouring the albacore tuna sandwiches and it is absurd how good these are! Just imagine a large piece of grilled albacore tuna in between a soft Portuguese bun, with a dollop of wasabi mayo (or for me, tartare sauce) and a drizzling of ponzu sauce. Oh my! My mouth is watering!

Final Thoughts: If you don’t mind waiting in line for the best fish and chips in Vancouver, then head on down to Fisherman’s Wharf for Go Fish. It is well worth the hassle once you get a bite of that juicy tuna or batter-covered salmon. I recommend avoiding peak times, or be prepared to wait. Oh, and keep in mind that they aren’t open on Monday’s.

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