Social Bites – Vancouver Westside – May 30th

13 Jun

Brief Description: As it is difficult to briefly describe Social Bites, please visit their  website or read my blog entry on April’s Social Bites dinner.

Since our first Social Bites dinner in April, I have found myself happily promoting the event to anyone who will listen. I can’t help myself – Social Bites has become one of my new favourite things to do! Needless to say, I couldn’t reply fast enough when the email came out notifying me of the latest Social Bites dinner. For those who aren’t aware of how Social Bites work, you can read my blog entry from the dinner that we went to in April. It’s a really cool concept – check it out!

The Vancouver Westside event was held on Saturday, May 30th and thankfully, the weather was amazing. The warm, sunny evening perfectly complimented our “Somewhere in the Mediterranean” dinner at our first Hobby Chef’s home. Sitting on a patio in the sun, whilst enjoying cold beer and tasty tapas, it was easy to convince yourself that you were somewhere in the Mediterranean!

Friends, Jules and Degan, had prepared for us a sampling of travel-inspired tapas: baguette slices with a robust olive oil for dipping, spinach and feta filo turnovers, meatballs with tomato and green olive sauce, grilled aubergines and courgettes and a rocket salad with Serrano ham, manchego cheese and hazelnuts. Knowing that we were going to be eating Mediterranean food, I had sourced a Spanish beer “Alhambra Reserva 1925” to pair with the meal and it went perfectly with the tapas. I really enjoyed this meal a lot; it was simple and I liked the variety and the flavour of all of the dishes. The alfresco dining was an added bonus.

Our second dinner, “Memories of Portugal” was a short bike ride away. This was where we met our second Hobby Chef for the evening, Sofia and her Sous Chef, Martin (whom we had met at the April dinner). Astonishingly, Sophia had slaved for over 10 hours on a dish called Arroz de Pato (Portuguese Duck)! She should have won as Hobby Chef of the evening for the effort alone! The dish was a rice-based dish cooked with duck, prosciutto and Portuguese chorizo and an added splash of red wine. It was served with a simple tangy salad of spinach, sunflower seeds and goat’s cheese. The second meal was really relaxed as we all sat around Sofia’s cute lounge room, eating and chatting.

Our hour was up very quickly and we all made our way to Xoxolat, a chocolate store located on Burrard Street at West 8th Avenue. Over the next hour or so, we were treated to tastings of chocolate and drinking chocolate. Now, I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill cheap chocolate. I’m talking about unique (if not somewhat strange), quality chocolate. Think chocolate with bacon bits in it or chocolate with salt and pepper. Yep, you can get those (and more) at Xoxolat.

My favourite part of the chocolate tasting was sipping on a drinking chocolate which had been mixed with cream and champagne. I think every woman’s eyes in the place almost bulged out of their head when this touched their taste-buds! It was AMAZING! The winner of the Hobby Chef award for that night was a couple who had made a four-course dinner with a rabbit pasta dish starring as the main course. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience this dinner but it sounded incredible.

Final Thoughts: I felt a lot more comfortable having dinner in a stranger’s home this time around. It helped a lot that the other guest’s and chef’s that we got paired with all happened to be friendly and outgoing, which made conversation a lot easier. I have definitely been bitten by the Social Bites bug and will be going back again.


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