UVA Wine Bar (By Day)

11 Jun

900 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3L9

T: 604 632 9560

Brief Description: An espresso bar by day, a wine bar by night. Located next to Moda Hotel on Seymour Street, Uva is one of Vancouver’s more stylish coffee bars.

Strong black coffee is one of my true loves. That true love, however, is hard to find in a city that is full of Starbucks *rolls eyes*. I was given a strong recommendation for the coffee at Uva and it was only recently that I had the chance to make my first visit.

On week days Uva is a stylish espresso bar but when the clock hits 5pm it moonlights as a sophisticated wine bar. With its chic decor, Uva has really stayed true to its European roots. It is elegantly decorated with funky white chairs, colourful but simple wall coverings and an intricately tiled floor. As I walked in I noticed that behind a sleek black bar and surrounded by wall of liqueur bottles, the barista stood proudly at his espresso machine – very European! I ordered at the bar and then took a seat by one of the windows to do some people watching. The coffee, one of the better ones that I’ve had in Vancouver, was delivered quickly by the barista. I ordered a simple Americano which was rich, dark and full of flavour – just how I like my coffee.


Although I only ordered coffee, food is available. Their breakfast menu is simple and consists mostly of pastries, biscotti and frittata. The lunch menu offers uncomplicated choices of pasta, panini, salad and soup, and in the evenings, as the wine bar, the menu takes on more of a focus on charcuterie plates and wines.

Final Thoughts: One of the better coffee bars in Vancouver. The atmosphere was great, the service was excellent and most importantly, the coffee was a refreshing change from the tasteless, weak coffee served in so many places around town. The only down-side is the hours – it isn’t open during the day on weekends.

Uva Wine Bar on Urbanspoon


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