Peaceful Restaurant

15 Apr

#110-532 W. Broadway (at Cambie)
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1E9

T: 604 879 9878

Brief Description: A small and simple restaurant specializing in tantalizing Mandarin cuisine and hand-made noodles. Extremely affordable yet does not compromise on taste nor service.

I must say that I am sometimes too quick to judge a book by its cover. Had it not been for a foodie friend of mine, I would probably never have stepped foot into Peaceful Restaurant. Sitting amongst a number of non-descript restaurants in a stretch of West Broadway, just off Cambie Street, Peaceful Restaurant doesn’t really draw attention to itself. From the front, it isn’t that inviting – there is a board out the front advertising the lunch special, there is a neon sign in the window and the name, well, it’s a tad tacky. But thankfully, it all appears just to be a decoy to keep people like me out! 😉


The interior of the restaurant is as simple and no-frills as the exterior. The furniture is interesting – the fabric chairs have plastic covers on them (hee hee!) but it does seem as though they are slowly upgrading. On my last visit, the decor seemed a little fresher and they have replaced some of the fabric chairs with long seating along one of the walls. The service is fast and polite but don’t expect small talk. The food is delivered to the table within mere minutes of ordering, a feat that I am still unsure of how they do it.

None of this really matters though as it is the food that is the attraction, not the decor nor the service. I have ordered numerous and varied dishes and every dish that I’ve had has been great. The sauces are flavourful and are dispensed on the dishes with perfect precision – not too much, not too little. Menu items range from dim sum selections, noodle dishes, soups and many (many!) selections of meat, seafood or chicken dishes. And for the vegetarians; there are also quite a lot of delicious vegetarian dishes to choose from.


All of their noodles are hand-crafted on site. Evident when your conversation is occasionally interrupted by the sound of them whacking the noodles against the counter! The soft, chewy noodles are well worth the interruption.


My favourite dish, and one that you must try if you visit the restaurant, is the Peaceful Beef Rolls – oh my god! For only $6.50 you can snack on warm layers of thinly sliced beef and hoisin sauce wrapped in flaky green onion flat-bread. Yum! It’s killing me to describe them!! I’ve tried the Peaceful Potato Roll, which is similar but made with potatoes instead of beef and although delicious, it just can’t compare to the Beef Roll.


The menu is very large so it can be very difficult to make your selection. That is generally why I order far too much and get the rest packed up – my eyes are far larger than my stomach! My suggestion is to order a few dishes and share them, that way you don’t have to limit yourself too much. The great thing is that the prices are so reasonable that you can order a lot and not wince in pain when the bill arrives. In fact, the last time B and I went there we ordered 4 dishes (I told you I order too much!) and spent only $36.


Final Thoughts: I can’t rave about Peaceful Restaurant enough. The food is incredible and the prices are more than fair. I even like the simplicity of the decor as it feels so unpretentious. I guess the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” really rings true in this case. Lesson learnt!

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2 Responses to “Peaceful Restaurant”

  1. JS April 20, 2009 at 2:53 pm #

    Wow, this is a little gem! D and I are usually Sha Lin or Legendary Noodle regulars, but your description of the Peaceful Beef Roll had me cancelling all other plans and waiting with the car running while D scrambled to catch up! It did not disappoint. Noodles were fresh and tasty in the Mu Shu. String beans were a bit over-sauced, but the bit of spice was perfect, and the dumplings were hot and fresh. Star of the show: Peaceful Beef Roll. I’ll go back for it and the extensive menu. For dumplings I’ll stick to Sha-Lin. For beans and other amazing szechuan, try Won More on Denman (I can send a list of tested and true show stoppers!).


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